Some Wrongdoers You May Sue If You're Involved In A Truck Crash Caused By Brake Failure

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Big rigs cover long distances and spend much time on the road transporting goods to different destinations. For this reason, they are prone to developing mechanical problems. One of the most serious issues a truck may develop is brake failure because it can cause crashes that may leave you nursing severe injuries. If this happens, the parties responsible for the brake failure should take full responsibility for your losses. Therefore, it is wise to consider hiring a lawyer to help you identify all the wrongdoers and take legal action against them. The at-fault parties may include the following:

The Brakes Manufacturer

Brakes manufacturers must design and manufacture parts optimally to meet the required standards. Unfortunately, not following the right manufacturing and quality control procedures can result in defective brakes. This might lead to failure, which could make the trucker cause a collision. Such crashes are usually destructive, especially when they involve big rigs and passenger vehicles. In such cases, the truck might wreck your vehicle and inflict serious injuries such as broken bones.

When you engage a truck accident attorney to assist you in pursuing justice, they get experts to investigate the crash and determine what led to the brake failure. The experts then create a report indicating their findings, e.g., if the brakes were poorly designed or manufactured. Your lawyer will use this report to hold the brake manufacturer responsible for the crash. As a result, the firm should offer you a payment covering all your losses.

The Trucker and Their Employer

Truckers and their employers sometimes take actions that lead to collisions. For instance, they may disable front brakes and rely on trailer brakes or downshifting to slow down the big rig. While this unlawful behavior enables drivers and trucking firms to save money on brake replacement, it also risks the lives of truckers and other road users. Ultimately, truckers and trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, and these duties include brake repairs and replacement.

Moreover, they need to keep a log of their brakes' inspections, repairs, and other forms of maintenance. Obtaining this record can be very useful for your legal case because it will enable your attorney to prove that there was poor maintenance. They may also get a specialist to determine whether the wrongdoers had tampered with the brakes to save money.

Proving that a brake failure caused a truck crash and determining the wrongdoers can be challenging, which is why it is advisable to enlist the services of a truck accident attorney. They investigate the accident, identify the wrongdoers, and file claims to help ensure they face the law and offer you the settlement you need.