3 Ways In Which Negligent Motorists Can Cause Fatal Crashes And How A Lawyer Can Help

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Some auto collisions are completely accidental, and motorists can do very little to stop them. For example, a vehicle that develops an unexpected mechanical problem on the road may give the driver no time to react. As a result, they might get involved in a collision, potentially injuring innocent road users. However, many fatal crashes occur because drivers ignore or violate traffic rules. Some result in deaths or severe injuries that take months or years to heal. You're entitled to compensation if you're injured in a car crash, especially if any of the following reasons contributed to the accident.

The Motorist Was Not Attentive When Driving

Motorists should be attentive when driving to prevent accidents that may injure them or other road users. However, some drivers eat, drink, or use their cell phones when driving, taking their eyes and mind off the road. As a result, they lose control of their vehicles which may cause them to swerve to another lane, causing a collision. Some drivers also hit roadside structures or pedestrians, killing or injuring them. You're entitled to compensation if you're injured by a driver who was inattentive when driving. However, it would be best to have the assistance of a professional car accident lawyer to help you gather evidence to support your claim.

The Motorist Was Driving While Intoxicated

Mental impairment caused by intoxication can cause drivers to over speed, drive the wrong way, or drive on paths designated for other road users. These behaviors can result in fatal accidents or leave victims nursing serious injuries. Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense, and you can therefore sue a driver if you believe they were not sober during the accident. However, proving negligence in these cases is challenging, making it essential to work with an experienced lawyer who deals with car accident cases. They will investigate the crash and collect evidence proving that the driver was intoxicated.

The Motorist Was Not Observant When Driving

Drivers are supposed to keep sufficient distance between them and the vehicles in front. This helps to give motorists sufficient space to react if the vehicle in front slows down for any reason. Unfortunately, some motorists are not keen when driving on busy roads, hitting other vehicles from the rear. Unlike some other negligent behaviors, this type of accident does not cause fatal accidents. However, they may still cause severe injuries that require compensation. Your legal advisor can help you get compensation if you're injured after a driver hits your vehicle from behind. They may use video evidence or eyewitnesses to demonstrate what happened.

If you sustained injuries in a collision resulting from any of the above behaviors, contact a personal injury lawyer such as William A. AndyLaw. They will get expert accident investigators to investigate how the collision happened. They will also gather documentation to help you prove that the wrongdoer was negligent.