Questions Auto Accident Witnesses May Face In Court

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Auto accident witnesses must answer a few questions in court to legitimize their testimonies. Some of the questions also help to get the relevant testimony. Below are common questions auto accident witnesses may face.

What Did You See?

This question mainly establishes two things. First, it confirms the witnesses' credibility by revealing whether they saw something. That way, the court knows whether the witness' testimony is material to the case. Secondly, the answer to the question reveals what the witness saw, which the plaintiff or defendant can all build their cases on.

What Was the Weather Like?

Weather is crucial for two main reasons. First, the weather determines visibility, determining whether the witness saw what they claimed to have witnessed. For example, you might question the witnesses' testimony if the accident occurred in foggy weather or torrential rainfall with reduced visibility.

Secondly, weather can cause or contribute to auto accidents. Thus, the answer to this question establishes whether weather was a factor in the accident. For instance, if the defendant claims their car skidded due to slippery road surfaces due to a drizzle, then a witness's claim of perfect dry conditions can weaken the defendant's claim.

Where Were You During the Accident?

The witness's location during the accident establishes two things. First, the location determines how far the witness was from the crash and whether they saw the events. Secondly, the witness's location determines whether something blocked their view of the crash. For example, a witness claiming to have seen an accident around a curve is not credible.

What Did Those Involved Say About the Crash?

Whatever you say immediately after a car crash can weaken or strengthen your case. For example, apologizing to the defendant or offering cash compensation weakens your case. Such actions show you think you are liable for the accident. Asking the defendant about what they heard is a way of getting such information.

What Were You Doing During the Accident?

This question is a clever way of confirming the witness saw or heard about the accident. For example, a pedestrian listening to music via earphones might not hear as much as another pedestrian without earphones. A pedestrian chatting on the phone might not see events in their field of vision if they are engrossed on the phone.

The accident circumstances determine the questions the witness will face. For this reason, auto accident defendants prepare witnesses to deliver strong and relevant testimony. Consult an auto accident attorney to prepare evidence and eyewitnesses for your case.