An Accident Lawyer Represents Clients Injured By Drunk Drivers

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The goal of an injury attorney is to see that each client is paid the compensation they deserve. The client has been injured because of a reckless or negligent driver. In some instances, the individual caused a collision because of driving while intoxicated. The injured person may want to hire a drunk driving accident lawyer to deal with the individual's automotive insurance company.

Impaired Driving Behavior

Intoxicated drivers have impaired reaction times and decision-making abilities. Individuals who would normally not check a text message when behind the wheel might do so after drinking alcohol. They might misinterpret a flashing red light as a flashing yellow signal and drive through it without stopping. They don't notice a pedestrian in the crosswalk when making a turn or they pull out into highway traffic.

All of these behaviors can cause a serious collision.

Understanding Reasonable Settlement Offers

Sometimes the at-fault driver's insurer seems cooperative and offers a settlement soon after all the medical bills and lost wages have been tallied. If their policyholder has been convicted of driving under the influence, it would probably be difficult for the company to deny or dispute the claim. That effort usually involves attempting to show that the injured person also had been behaving negligently or was partially at fault.

However, it's possible that the settlement could justifiably be higher. Insurance adjusters might begin with a relatively low settlement offer that seems reasonable at first glance. Yet the person who was injured might wonder whether other expenses should be included. It can be difficult for a person without relevant experience to know if a settlement offer is sufficient or not. Scheduling a consultation with a drunk driving accident attorney is an important step.

Additional Expenses

An accident lawyer knows that automotive insurers often pay for expenses like transportation, housekeeping, and childcare after someone has been seriously injured by a policyholder. The company pays for repairs or replacement for the injured person's damaged vehicle, but those projects typically cannot be accomplished immediately. This person might be unable to drive while recovering from certain types of injuries or treatments. Examples include a broken foot or leg or abdominal surgery. 

Achieving a Better Outcome

Getting a lawyer involved typically leads to a better outcome because of knowledge about what is usually paid in similar cases. The adjusters will probably agree to a higher amount to avoid the risk of going to court. They know that jury members will likely feel very sympathetic about the plaintiff's situation. 

Contact a local drunk driving accident lawyer to learn more.