Who Is At Fault In A Boating Accident?

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Recreational boating is a favorite summer activity for many people. Unfortunately, an afternoon on the open water can quickly turn into a nightmare should you be involved in a boating accident.

Accidents that result in serious injury can cause extreme hardship. Medical bills, lost wages, and trauma can all be costly. A personal injury lawsuit can help provide financial compensation to cover these losses. In order to file a suit, you need to determine who is at fault and will be named as a defendant in your case.

Boat Operators

The individual driving the boat or boats involved in the accident can be to blame for your injuries. Operators have a duty to operate their boats in a safe and reliable manner. Acts of negligence or violation of certain laws can leave boat operators liable for the damages sustained during an accident.

Some common reasons why boat operators may cause accidents could be that they were driving under the influence, traveling at excessive speeds, or operating a boat without the proper training.

Commercial Businesses

It is possible that a business is behind the accident you were involved in during a recreational boating trip. Many businesses cater to the needs of water enthusiasts. They rent boats and other vessels to the public.

Any company providing a boat for immediate use must adhere to strict safety guidelines. These guidelines include maintaining the boats in their rental fleet properly, providing adequate safety gear, and offering training for any individuals who will be operating rented boats. Failure to adhere to these guidelines leaves a business vulnerable to legal action in the event of an accident.

Product Manufacturers

Another party that may be responsible for your boating accident is a product manufacturer. Manufacturers are required to ensure the safety of the products that they generate and sell to the public. This obligation should be taken seriously. Product liability law allows manufacturers to be held accountable for any damages directly caused by any faulty items they produce.

A full investigation into the cause of your accident will be conducted. If the results of this investigation show that defective equipment or the malfunction of vital components caused your accident, you can name the manufacturer of these products as a defendant in your personal injury case. 

Being able to determine who you should name as a defendant in your personal injury case will allow you to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained in a boating accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to learn more about what to do for your case.