Factors In A Truck Accident: Who Is Responsible For Damages?

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The job of a truck driver requires very precise skills to maintain safety on the roadway. A truck driver will spend a long time training to do the job safely and properly to get licensed. However, the truck driver with years of expertise and experience can suffer an accident on the road and cause major injury when there are any mechanical or parts malfunctions. The following are some parts of a truck that could inadvertently cause an accident in a truck.

Brake Issues

One of the most important parts of a large semi-truck is its brakes. A large truck needs to be able to stop and bear the load it is carrying.

The government has issued standard requirements for semi-truck brakes. The truck driver must make sure the brakes work properly. Some truckers or trucking companies also employ brake specialists to check all the brake components on a regular basis to conform to the government regulations.

The driver and the truck owner, if not the same person, will have to be responsible if it is determined the brakes were not maintained and caused an accident.

Still, defective brakes can cause an accident no matter how carefully you inspect them. If an accident occurs due to faulty brakes, the manufacturer should be held liable for at least a portion of the damages.

Improper Tire Pressure

Another issue for semi-trucks is the tire pressure. The tire pressure can cause an instant accident on the road if it is not at an optimal level. The tires see thousands of miles every year, and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure they are safe.

The wrong tire pressure is a very common problem in trucking accidents. When determining who is responsible for an accident and the subsequent damages, many factors are considered.

A record of maintenance will be a good piece of evidence. If the truck driver or the trucking company can show regular routine maintenance of the tires, the insurance company will conduct an investigation to determine exactly what happened.

Some tires suffer from defects in which it is not possible to maintain the correct tire pressure. If the tires show evidence of leaking air even when the tire pressure gauges display the correct pressure, the manufacturer can be pursued for damages and other compensation. However, if the trucker does not have proper proof of tire maintenance, the driver and the trucking company will be responsible for at least part of the damages.

Contact a semi truck accident lawyer for more information if you were in an accident that you believe was the truck driver's fault.