Catastrophic Injuries And Non-Economic Losses: What Do These Things Mean To You?

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If receive catastrophic facial injuries affect your ability to enjoy life, work a traditional job in the public, or spend time in the presence of other people, you may wonder if it's possible to obtain compensation for those losses. Personal injury court recognizes both economic and non-economic claims. You may be able to file both types of claims. Learn more about your noneconomic losses and how to add them to your personal injury case below.

What Exactly Are Non-Economic Losses?

Catastrophic car accidents are some of the most life-changing accidents to happen on the road today. The accidents not only affect you financially (economically), they can also cause significant problems for you physically and mentally (non-economically). The tremendous challenges you face after your accident can be overwhelming and potentially devastating for you, especially if your injuries lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement.

The majority of personal injury courts allow injured drivers to file non-economic claims against the driver responsible for their catastrophic injuries. However, the injuries must be extensive enough to interfere with your ability to:

Although you can file a non-economic claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company personally, it may be wiser to consult with a personal injury attorney first. 

How Do You Pursue or File a Non-Economic Claim?

When you consult with an attorney, be prepared to speak candidly about your car accident. Although it may be painful to think or speak about your accident, it's essential for your case. An attorney needs to record every detail of the accident, including:

Once an attorney records the information above, they can begin working on your case. It's critical that you allow an auto accident lawyer time to work through your case. An attorney needs sufficient time to gather additional evidence for your case, including locating and obtaining depositions from anyone who witnessed your accident. An attorney may also need to work with private investigators, doctors, and other specialists during your case. All of these factors can help you win your case.

If your catastrophic injuries prevent you from living the life you deserve or desire, contact a car accident lawyer today.