Does Your Aging Parent Live In A Nursing Home? Learn More About The Signs Of Elder Abuse

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For many people, visiting their aging parents in a nursing home can be hard because they have always been used to their parents living in their own home. You may worry about your aging parent's safety because of the news you may have heard about elder abuse. To ensure you will know if your aging parent has suffered any type of abuse, learning the signs of it is extremely important.

Physical Abuse Can Have Hidden Signs

In some cases of physical abuse, the evidence of it is on areas of the body that are usually covered by clothing. For example, if your aging parent must wear adult diapers, he or she could have bruising on their upper thighs if an aid or CNA is rough during diaper changes. Your loved one may exhibit emotional signs that tell you physical abuse is taking place. Be aware of how your parent acts when a nurse or other staff member is around. If your parent seems withdrawn or acts out of his or her character, checking for bruising is a good idea. Also, if you get calls about your loved one suddenly falling more than normal, you could be hearing a cover-up story from the staff member that broke your parent's arm or leg by pulling too hard on him or her. Anytime your aging parent has unexplained bruising, a broken bone or other injury, taking the time to investigate how it happened is vital to your parent's safety and well-being.

Sexual Abuse May Have No Visible Signs

If a staff member has sexually abused your elderly parent, especially if it is your mother, you may not see visible signs that they have been sexually abused. This is a common occurrence in elderly people suffering dementia because they are unable to tell anyone about their abuse. If your aging mother has had a change in her overall demeanor and seems withdrawn or fearful, you should have her checked by her doctor. One tip to keep in mind if you suspect your elderly mother has endured sexual abuse is to have her checked by a doctor that is in no way affiliated with the nursing home she lives at.

Nothing hurts as much as learning your elderly parent or grandparent has been the victim of elder abuse. If you have recently learned your elderly loved one has been abused in any way, contacting a nursing home abuse attorney at a law firm like The Jaklitsch Law Group as soon as possible is important. When you speak to a lawyer you will know the legal steps necessary to prosecute the person abusing your loved one.