Steps To Take After Your Spouse Dies On The Job

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If you received the unfortunate news that your spouse has been in an accident while on the job, leading to their death as a result, steps need to be taken immediately to look into the cause in case it was the result of something their employer had indirectly, or even directly, caused. It is a bit difficult to prove negligence; however, with some determination and help from an attorney seasoned in wrongful death cases, you may receive compensation and even better, retain closure as to the reasoning for your loved one's demise. Here are some tips you can use when dealing with your spouse's death if it had happened while on the job.

Question Other Employees To Find Out What Had Happened

Most people will try to shy away from talking about the details with a close relative of the deceased about what they had seen if they happened to be present at the time someone perishes. It is important to ask your spouse's coworkers about these details. It will be tough to listen to a synopsis of what had happened, but it may prove the employer had procedures in place that caused the incident to happen. Track down as many employees who had been on the job with your spouse on the day of their death and ask them to meet with you in a private setting. If there is more than one person present, it is likely the information you receive will not be watered down in any way.

Start An Investigation Into The Death Through Your Attorney

You should retain an attorney at the first signs that you suspect foul-play to be involved in your spouse's death. They will draft up paperwork telling your spouse's company that you believe negligence was involved in the reasons behind the accident. The company will most likely retain their own attorney at this time. This will most likely lead to either a payout from the company if they are afraid they will be exposed in being guilty of the death of your spouse in any way, or a court appearance will be necessary to go over the information brought by the company in an attempt to prove they were innocent in the incident.

Retain As Much Physical Evidence As Possible 

If your spouse had filled out paperwork with their physician or health insurance company saying you had the right to look into their records, you will be able to retain documentation from a hospital or coroner about the reasons for their death. This may have some information with that will be helpful during the investigative process. Ask any physicians and emergency personnel if they would be willing to testify in a court process if needed.

If the establishment where the death took place is a public area, go inside with a disguise on and take photographs of the location where your spouse had passed away. Take photographs of the surrounding areas as well as there may be clues present to show that the atmosphere was not safe for employee use. If possible, have employees from the inside get photographs for you if the area is not open to the public. 

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