Three Auto Accident Case Myths Exposed

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Auto accidents can be an extremely common hazard of modern life. Unfortunately, these events have the potential to cause extensive damages and injuries. For those that have been victims of auto accidents, it is important to understand that the courts provide options to pursue compensation for the damages that you have suffered. After learning the truth behind three of the more commonly believed misconceptions about auto-accident cases, you will be far better prepared to make informed decisions for your situation.

Myth: You Have to Provide Your Full Medical History to the Other Insurance Company

Following a serious auto accident, it is likely that you received medical attention for your injuries. However, some individuals are working under the misconception that the other insurance company will have access to their entire health history. Luckily, this is not the case because your attorney will work to ensure that only the records that relate to the accident are released to the insurance company. If the insurance company were to have your entire medical history, it may attempt to blame some of your injuries on preexisting conditions, which could complicate and lengthen the proceedings.

Myth: It Will Always Be Difficult to Get the Other Side to Agree to a Settlement

There is a common misconception that most attorneys want to take their cases to trial. However, this is simply not true, due to the significant costs and energy needed to prepare for a trial as well as the uncertain outcomes. Rather, it is common for attorneys to attempt to settle these matters without going to trial.

Myth: Attorneys Are Too Expensive to Hire

Sadly, there are some individuals that will not seriously consider taking legal action due to concerns about the costs involved with hiring an attorney. Yet, this should not actually be a major concern for you. Most auto-accident attorneys can provide potential clients with free consultations. Additionally, these professionals work on a contingency fee. Under this type of pay structure, a client is only charged if the attorney is successful at collecting damages for them.

When you have been through a car accident, it is important to be knowledgeable about the process of pursuing legal action against those responsible for your losses. By appreciating the importance of only providing medical records that are relevant to the accident, understanding that it may be possible to settle the matter without going through an entire trial, and understanding that auto-accident attorneys work with a contingency fee, you will be better informed about protecting your rights following these serious incidents. Contact law firms such as J D'Agostino & Associates, P.C. to find a lawyer you are comfortable working with.