Don't Be Charged For Social Security Disability Fraud

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Social Security disability fraud is taken very seriously. If you are found to have been responsible for Social Security disability fraud, you can risk jail time and a fine. However, if you understand the nature of Social Security fraud, you can be a little more cautious and avoid unintentionally committing this crime.

Knowing What Social Security Fraud Is

Whether your Social Security disability claim is considered fraudulent is based on material facts. You will be committing fraud if you are believed to have lied about a material fact or if you provide information that causes someone else to lie about a material fact related to your Social Security disability case. You could either get in trouble for failing to provide information or for engaging in actions that prosecutors believe are acts of covering up information.

Most often, you will get in trouble for applying for certain benefits that are intended only for those with a low income by not taking into account assets that would otherwise cause you to be disqualified from these benefits. If you own a property that you are renting out to someone and you are earning revenue from this investment, you must report this income. If you  decide to involve yourself in crafting and sell your products as a way to supplement your income, you must report that income.  If you earn enough of an income, this will affect the Social Security benefits you receive. However, if you do not remember to report this income to the IRS and Social Security Disability office, you could commit fraud.

The Role of Other Family Members

Remember that your spouse or another family member may affect whether you receive Social Security disability. For example, if your husband was not working, but begins work again, you may be found guilty of fraud if this fact is not reported to the Social Security disability office. When in doubt, consult with a disability lawyer. In general, keep detailed records so that the Social Security disability office knows how many benefits you are entitled to receive. Provide this information to your lawyer so he or she can help you avoid committing disability fraud accidentally.

Social Security disability lawyers are there to help. If you believe you may be accused of Social Security disability fraud, get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible and you may be  able to prove that you are innocent. For more information, contact a professional like those at the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith.